Fuel System

Fuel System Cleaning
A fuel system cleaning is often referred to the tune-up for the new millennium. As you drive your vehicle, the fuel system often develops a carbon buildup that affects your fuel mileage. At Express Lube Greenbriar, we can provide your vehicle with a complete fuel system cleaning, maintaining your vehicle’s fuel economy and performance. Express Lube Greenbriar recommends servicing your fuel system every 15,000 miles or every 12 months. A clean fuel system will help prevent hesitation, stalling, reduce emissions, and may improve gas mileage.

Fuel Filter
The fuel filter is located on the fuel line between the fuel tank and engine. The fuel filter prevents harmful debris and contaminants from entering the engine. A clean fuel filter will assure that harmful debris and contaminants do not mix with the gasoline as it flows to the fuel injection or carburetor. At Express Lube Greenbriar, we can replace your vehicle’s fuel filter, allowing your vehicle to maintain a clean fuel system and optimal fuel economy. Express Lube Greenbriar recommends following your vehicle manufacture’s recommended interval for fuel filter replacement.

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